Victor Lluncor
Victor Lluncor
Victor Lluncor was born in Chiclayo, Peru where he studied at primary school. He got his secondary education in the city of Talara.Art runs through his veins, as he inherited it from his father, Peruvian artist.
After spending more than ten years in Russia where he received higher education Victor considers it to become his second motherland.
He started with photography in a casual way, first taking pictures of his makeup and hair style jobs during fashion photo sessions where he was invited to participate.He currently lives between Peru, Netherlands and Russia constantly searching for new faces to capture images of.Victor mostly works with inexperienced models, rescuing them from natural environment.His photography is very explicit with minor retouch, since he considers the model the most important.This web page is created to display some of the work done during last years between Peru, Europe and Russia.
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